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St John’s Road is more than simply a name or a label; it is the collaboration of three important elements – People, Places and Time. It is the dirt the grapes are grown on. Not simply Barossa dirt, but the sub-regions of the Barossa where our fruit is grown. Ebenezer, Koonunga, Moppa, Maranaga, Greenock, Bethany, High Eden, Stockwell. All of which produce their own unique flavour profile.

It’s not simply the sub-regional footprint. It’s the generations of traditional Barossa growers who understand their blocks intimately. Knowledge that is only garnered by working with their vineyards for decades, and passing on knowledge from generation to generation. Kalleske, Tscharke, Hoffman, John, Zander, Riley, Murray, Hearnden, Hampel. Lehmann.

It’s not just the traditional Barossa family growers. It’s also our Barossa winemakers. Lehmann, Ormsby, Lienert. Winemakers who are not only incredibly skilled, but who are able to work hand-in-glove with our growers and understand the region intimately. Winemakers who combine this knowledge with their winemaking skills to produce the best possible results.

Our wines ultimately represent generations of knowledge, hard work and experience; principles that go into every bottle of wine that we make and every glass of St John’s Road that we share.

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Tasting Note:
2016 St. John’s Road The Prophet Shiraz

Tasting Note:

2016 St. John’s Road Motley Bunch Grenache Mataro Shiraz

Tasting Note:
2016 St. John’s Road Block 8 Shiraz