our strength is your asset

Storage and sales in one hand: we sell your wine and don’t only store them!

Market availability: your wine is placed where it is needed, right under the nose of your client. From here it can be delivered within 5 working days to anywhere in Europe (2-3 days express) or 1-2 days with parcel service. At no costs for you when charged to the client! Or at very low cost when e.g. sending wine in your name to competitions or prospects or friends!

Cost sharing: we get very low wholesaler rates for all services and products and split these between all our partners, so everyone participates from our preferential terms and gets prices like a volume supplier.

Location: our warehouse is based in the south of Germany, almost exactly the middle of Europe. This makes shipments to any destination in average much cheaper and faster – and making us a more attractive supplier for our clients

Shipping: we have very low transport costs due to our central position many clients can even pick-up themselves when they want to.

Europe wide reach: most importers are focused on only one market. We instead have clients almost everywhere, an advantage we are strengthening further permanently.

Direct access to all market levels: we can convert all sales directly to the consumer, avoiding “message losses” that occur when having too many sales levels in-between. At the same time we also sell to supermarket chains or single restaurants and hotels, corporate clients, etc.

Dual status: due to a German legal specificity the wine we store is both, fully imported and under bond. That means we can sell directly to the consumer even single bottles anywhere in Europe as well as into other bonded warehouses outside of Germany again.

Know-how: our founder is in the wine business since 1999 but also has a business consulting back-ground, opening different approaches to market success.

Contact network: huge network – next to clients – to press, PR experts, wine pros, agencies, embassies, caterers, presenters, bloggers, investors, etc.