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Discover Niagara’s one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience.

Lakeview Wine Co. is the retail and online division of Diamond Estates Wines and Spirits Ltd., Ontario’s 3rd largest producer of VQA wines.

We produce many of the most popular VQA wine brand families in Ontario including 20 Bees, EastDell, FRESH, and our long-standing signature brand – Lakeview Cellars. Since 1991, Lakeview has been a well-respected brand fixture in the Ontario wine industry landscape.

With the opening of our new retail and tasting centre in May 2017, we are ushering in an exciting new future while at the same time honouring a key piece of our history. Designed as a showcase for all our brands, The Lakeview Wine Company retail and tasting centre provides a friendly, informative and welcoming environment where knowledge, passion and love of wines awaits.

Adjacent to our current 43,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art wine-making facility, visitors to The Lakeview Wine Company can enjoy many of our most popular wines in our tasting centre and then can then book a one-of-a-kind Cellar Floor Experience in the winery. Set on the winery floor amongst a canyon of over 800 wine barrels and massive 2-storey wine tanks this unique 1,000 square education space, provides a memorable, unmatched orientation to the winemaking process.

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Diamond Estate FRESH Sparkling Riesling

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2017 East Dell Chardonnay

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2017 East Dell Black Cab

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2016 EastDell Gamay Noir