our expansion plans

Own PR platforms: we will be launching soon

– xxlwine.com: a web based platform for a more direct communication of our producers with the consumer. xxlwine.com hosts video blogs, reviews, marketing specials, articles and is linked to all kinds of social media.

Motto: It’s good to produce fine wine, but make sure everyone wants it! So talk about it!


– terroir-society.com: a theme based wine club on subscription basis, offering wine especially to innovative wine consumers, looking for something new and exciting.

More show presence: we will offer more wine stands than only at ProWein (which we do since 2000). Currently we are looking at more shows in other countries (Vinitaly, Vinexpo) and some closer to the HoReCa channels (e.g . Internorga, Anuga, alles für den Gast…) and consumer levels in different countries.

New warehouse locations: closer to clients and difficult markets (e.g. Switzerland, Spain or Scandinavia), allowing more specific supplies and faster reaction. As we have access to the K+N warehouses anywhere we will be able to distribute even more locally, which will be no more obligations or costs for you but more advantages for your clients.

New continents: we are soon offering our services on other continents too. So if you have the wish to expand internationally, we will be able to offer a good deal to grow outside of Europe soon.



Exporting to Europe from far distances is very difficult and expensive. Understanding this problem wine in motion developed a new business model to simplify the market exploration and save massively on costs plus allow better input into the market development.