add-on services

We offer a tool box of services to make you faster successful

Beyond regular wine import we offer many essential services that you might require to become rapidly successful and long-term established. And we bundle this again to make sure you get these at very low rates.

Legal consulting: we check if your label or wine is market compliant. If problems occur we have wine law experts available immediately

Sales initiatives: we hire sales pros for you in order to attack the market, permanent or for limited time and exclusive or in time sharing.

Ambassador ship: you might be interested in a single representative for your brand in the market. We have access to pros or proms, full time or on a cost-saving time sharing basis.

Brand research and registration: we can make sure you don’t infringe an existing trade brand and protect yours from abuse.

Translation services: though English can be an entry ticket, you should see it only as a first step. To be way more successful you better make your wines talk in local tongues. Most markets work much better when the target group understands your message and philosophy fully. And when translated, even smaller markets can offer a surprising potential. Especially considering that less competitors are active in these markets. We have wine pros as native translators in all countries!

Pr and marketing: we organise marketing initiatives with local authors, wine reviews and competition participation, presentation events, road shows and tours or marketing projects (like wine region specials, wine & dine, etc.) in press and web.

Business consulting: comprehensive planning for a long-term brand establishing strategy

Business registration and structuring: if you are planning to get a direct presence in the market you might be thinking of registering your own legal business in Europe, with or without office, bank account, accounting, reps, etc.

Education: understand your target markets by touring to your clients or follow seminars to get to a higher level of market understanding – which is a key to real success. There is nothing more expensive than making mistakes due to ignorance.

Know-how transfer: you might be interested in sourcing knowledge or staff from Europe. We have collaborations with local producers, designers, wine schools and institutions for potential support.

Sourcing: we have firsthand access to specific products from Europe, such as barrels, dry goods, ingredients, labels, etc.