New Zealand wines

This beautiful country on the opposite side of the world is a relative newcomer in the wine world. Of course, wine has been growing here for a while. But the beginnings of high-quality viticulture were about 30 years ago. In New Zealand, you can find various soils as well drained gravelly, sandy loam, loess over schist rock or fertile volcanic soils which are perfect conditions.

The cool temperatures combined with a lot of sunshine are ideal for the cultivation of cool climate grape varieties. When talking about fine wine, today, New Zealand is the synonym for fresh and overwhelmingly aromatic Sauvignon Blanc. Especially the region of Marlborough is famous for that style of wine. Nowadays, New Zealand winegrowers successfully produce many more styles than the famous Sauvignon Blanc, such as fantastic fruit driven Pinot Noir, full bodied and fresh Chardonnay, rich red Bordeaux varieties and many others.

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