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Elephant Hill has three vineyards in the renowned sub-regions of Hawke’s Bay. The coastal Te Awanga Vineyard, the inland Gimblett Vineyard
in the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowers District and The Triangle Vineyard in the Bridge Pa Triangle region.

We’re passionate about caring for the land that has been entrusted to our care and we tread as lightly as possible on the earth. Water is one
of our most precious resources and we have installed our own state-of-the-art biological water treatment system that allows us to recycle winery
waste water back into valuable clean water.Wildflowers are planted in the vineyards and creek banks to contribute to the beauty of the property
and attract beneficial insects for biodiversity. All our vineyards are 100% accredited by Sustainable Winegrowers of New Zealand (SWNZ).

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