costs and services

Our cost structure and service profile should be pretty unique. Only few warehouses have lower rates, but they all come without sales and services, and their main costs are hidden where we are fully transparent. Wine in motion is a specialist importer, distributor and marketer in one hand. We can put Europe at your feet and have all knowledge and services in on bundle.



we charge

  • per wine / product as general listing fee per month
  • a flat rate per bottle per month – incl. all insurances of breakage and theft!

    with special tarifs on large volume storage (on request)


Our service included:


storage: fully flexible space in our warehouse

which means:   

– you store as few wine as you want in order to reduce your risks and capital lock-up

– or as much as you want to increase flexibility and speed.

If you prefer you can ship and store only 60 or 120 bottles per wine for a trial period or several containers as soon as you require more volume in the market.



– wholesale: listing on our price list, going to currently over 2500 B2B clients in 20 European countries – growing daily

– retail: listing on our consumer web shop and via our own EPOCQ wine store and bistro.



How to calculate your wines – Sales and Payment

In conjunction with the shipping costs you define your wine price yourself on a DAP basis (price including delivery) in Euro (€). That DAP price is how we buy the wine from you after we sold it.

After you defined the DAP price we generate our market price automatically. These market prices are driven by our long experience in the various markets and should be as consistent as possible all over Europe in order to build a brand reliability for our clients. That means there should be an attractive margin remaining for B2B clients buying from us and we should reduce all competition based only on pricing.

In detail that means:

  1. we sell to our clients with our own mark-up and various pricing schemes depending on volume and market level, e.g.
    • Large clients, e.g. re-importers in other EU countries
    • Wholesalers, buying mixed pallets occasionally                                                                   
    • Hotels, restaurants and catering buying between 60 and 240 bottles wise
    • Small volume ordering restaurants, corporate clients and institutions
    • Consumers, buying small volumes via parcel service and including VAT.

  1. at the end of each month we send you a sales and stock report


That set-up allows you to understand the market structure, help increasing sales and build a reliable basis for all possible partners in the European market – and makes your sales and brand grow sustainably everywhere.



If you have questions about costs and services, feel free to contact us!